Dresden Fortress Museum

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    Underneath Brühls Terrace is a lesser-known part of Dresden's town history, the Dresden Fortress Museum. Built as a ring of walls and surrounded by a water moat, they are thought to be the oldest Renaissance structures in the city. Here you will find the 400-year-old Brick Gate, Dresden's only surviving original city gate, complete with the guard rooms. In addition, you can see the relics of medieval defence systems, the old town bridge, the small bastion and the casemates.

    Mysterious vaults take you back into bygone times, and models illustrate how Dresden once protected itself against enemies. It was in the vaults beneath the terrace that Johann Friedrich Böttger succeeded in producing the first European hard-paste porcelain in 1708.

    (All photos copyright Dresden Fortress Museum)

    Dresden Fortress Museum
    Georg-Treu-Platz 1
    01067 Dresden
    Tel: 0351 43837030
    Web: www.festung-dresden.de
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    Dresden Fortress Museum

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